Leading Edge provides coaching for Schools and sports teachers.

We have a number of different packages available to help both the players and teachers involved. Tim will act as a role model, mentor and provide on going support for the schools throughout the Rugby league season.

Tim Browne will come to your School and structure a detailed training program to best suit your team’s needs. Understanding what the teachers concerns may be and designing a session/program that will assist in the development of all involved. Tim will assist teachers with certain training methods and techniques and showing the reason’s and purpose behind running certain football drills.

Sessions include:

· Skill development

· Attacking structure

· Contact and ground control

· Defensive systems

· Individual & Team KPI’s

· Running technique

· Speed and agility training

· Communication techniques


LERLA is now a registered “Active Kids” provider.

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with a $100 voucher per calendar year for sporting activities.

Click on the link below to redeem your voucher.


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