Q1. What is the $150 start-up pack?

A. The $150 start-up pack is a one-off payment to enter the LERLA program. The start-up pack includes: Your place in the program, A Draw String Boot Bag, 1 LERLA Training Shirt, 1 Pair of LERLA Training Shorts and BPA free Drink Bottle. Session fees are separate to the Start-up pack.

Q2. How much for each session and when do I make the session payment?

A. Session price's: U/7's-U/10's - $28 45minutes. U/11's-U/12's - $38 1hr session. U/13's+ - $38 1hr session. You can pay at the beginning of the 5week program, up-front in full or there is an option to pay weekly via direct debit. If you pay weekly, you must have paid for the following week by the previous Friday.

Q3. How do I make payment?

A. Either by bank transfer or direct debit.

Q4. Why can't I just make my payment during the week I want to train?

A. LELRA coaching staff need the numbers finalised for sessions one week in advance. This ensures no disruptions to the training sessions and appropriate content is tailored to the session numbers.

Q5. Why does the program only run for 5 weeks at any one time?

A. At the end of each 5week training section, the coaching staff need time in-between training sections to revaluate the session content and tailor programs specifically to the individuals involved.

Q6. +What if I can't make a session I have paid for?

A. When you enrol into the LERLA Program, you are enrolling into a block of training. Whether you are paying up front or weekly payments, you will be required to attend either the one or two sessions per week, as per your selection. If you fail to attend your selected session or sessions, your payment for that session will still be deduced. Failing to make two consecutive payments will result in losing your position in the LERLA squad.

Q7. What happens if I'm injured from my local footy club and can not train?

A. We will require a doctors certificate for proof of injury. Then we will credit any sessions missed to future programs.

Q8. If I pay for my 5 weeks of training up front and decide it's not for me, what happens?

A. We will work with you to improve our program and tailer session content to suit your needs. If after this you still feel the program is not for you, then LERLA will refund the remaining money.

Q9. Can I get strapping at the ground for training?

A. No, we do not provide strapping, therefore you must provide your own tapping.

Q10. Can I purchase another LERLA training shirt or shorts?

A. You can purchase extra training gear through administration admin@lerla.com.au .

Q11. What circumstances would result in cancelling or re-scheduling a LERLA session?

A. A session would be cancelled due to weather conditions or Tim Browne’s NRL commitments, resulting in Tim not being able to attend the session. Notice in advance will be given.

Q12. What qualifications do the coaching staff have?

A. All Staff qualifications are listed in their profile on the website.

All staff have working with Children checks.