Jess Sheargold



Fitness, Food & Lifestyle Coach


  • Advanced Certificate in Nutrition Counselling specialising in sports nutrition and weight loss.

  • Cert III and IV in Fitness.


  • 4yrs in the industry helping clients of all ages and demographics.


Helping Others See And Reach Their Potential And Purpose. 

"As a Food, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach Jess has a driving desire to help people achieve their full potential.  

Her practical approach to food will help you understand its importance, and how it can be enjoyable and sustainable. Her passion developed through her own journey, after discovering the influence food, fitness and lifestyle could have on her own performance and wellbeing.

With specialised training in sport nutrition, Jess has been able to work with Tim, helping to maximise his own health & nutrition understanding.

She looks forward to working with LERLA, offering nutrition workshops and personalised options, in partnership with the training programs."

Jess Sheargold - 0439 565 199